Wednesday, July 19, 2017

War Between The States - Games Turns 137 to 138

Well, strategic cycle 2/64 got off to a good start with the reduction of the fortress protecting New Orleans.

More garrison units built.

Same for the Confederates.

Well, Meade tried, but failed to dislodge Lee.
Lee successfully stormed Washington.
Game Over.

Pity, as Sherman had just about made it to Yazoo City.

For the last two turns the initiative chits for the Union had been 2, 2 against a steady 3 for the Confederates.  Not getting the 4 chit meant Meade lost a chance to attack before Lee was reinforced.  Once Lee had taken the fortress, nothing was going to shift him, or the massive 50 political points he received.  Losses were 10 for the Union and 14 for the Confederates. 

Lots to think about.  I hadn't used the Union navy to help with defence or attack and that might have cost me a bit.  Anyway, now to look at the 2016 rules and the Vassal module. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

War Between The States - Games Turns 129 to 136

The war continues with excitement and perhaps decisive action in the west.

Union production for the 13/63 cycle was to augment a 3-3 infantry division to a 10-3
and with the remaining 3 personnel points build a 3-1 garrison.

The Confederates built a 10-1 garrison.
Under their special replacement rule this can add to their infantry divisions in the field.

The turn starts well for the Union when Burnside throws off the forces besieging him at Fort Monroe.

It then goes bad when the rebels besiege Washington.

In the previously exciting Eastern Theatre,
nothing much is happening.
Sherman has his eyes on Nashville and the Confederates have their eyes on Memphis.

Meade saves Washington,
but now Baltimore is threatened.

After a brief move towards Nashville,
Sherman pulls back to Memphis.

The East Coast is unchanged.
If anything The Union are asking why they bothered.
The Confederates have an abundance of supplies.
Plus they are not having to spend resources when they add garrison factors to their infantry divisions.

Down in the Gulf, the siege of New Orleans continues.

The situation in the East has stabilised.

For the 13/63 cycle the initiative chits for the Union had been 4, 1, 1, 4 against a steady 3 for the Confederates.  Losses were 16 for the Union and 7 for the Confederates.  

Union is reduced to building garrisons.

As is the Confederates.
But as noted, they can convert their garrisons troops to regular infantry,
without cost.
This effectively means they have double the manpower.

Lee strikes at Baltimore.

Meade rescues Baltimore (on his third attempt I should say),
 only to see Washington besieged again.

The Confederates are able to bring reinforcements (i.e. their freshly built garrison troops)
north to replenish Lee's losses as he attempts to storm the fortress guarding Washington.

The Confederates ports have been reduced to three,
but it has negligible impact on their resources.

Schofield has taken Brashear for the Union,
another port, but one that was isolated since the siege of New Orleans.
A siege that is now in it's fourth month.

Sherman is on the move.

For the 1/64 cycle the initiative chits for the Union had been 2, 4, 4, 2 against a steady 3 for the Confederates.  Losses were 28 for the Union and a staggering 51 for the Confederates.  Trying to storm fortifications is a costly business.

The critical thing with the Confederates threatening Washington and or Baltimore is that they gain a political point each cycle for it.  With the slow progress of the siege of New Orleans, it is looking very grim for the Union.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Three Liburniums

Three new additions to my fleet.  The Liburniums come three to a page.

I'm really happy how these look.

I did go for some individuality with the masts.

The masts are fully detachable.

I really like how the oars blend with the base.

I am sure to do more.

Dog Girl

Only the most tenuous link to wargaming with this post, but check out my 8mm film debut for a laugh.

I starred in my sister-in-law's entry for the Perth Film Festival's Revel 8 Super 8 segment.

I salvaged a bag of stuffing from the shoot and hoped I could reuse it for explosions etc, but initial tests have not been so successful.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

GDW - World War Three - Game Turn Two

The second week of the war...

Eastern Turkey has been invaded by both the Soviets and the Syrians.

The US have launched a counteroffensive in the Gulf aimed at Isfahan 

Istanbul is under attack.

Apart from defending a few big cities, NATO has pulled back to the Rhine.

The Arctic front is problematic.

Interestingly Austria is entering the war.  
This will mean the Italians can send troops north.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Sassanids versus Late Eastern Romans

Last Wednesday I was lucky to score a command in Mark B's Sassanid Army as we took on Andrew's Romans in an historical match.

I had the left flank, comprising four units of archers, two teams of elephants, my fair general and his medium cavalry and some infantry that went and promptly occupied the town.

The Sassanids had elected to defend and were somewhat surprised to find a town appearing in the front lines.  There had also been a last minute shuffle of troops between the two commands.  I lost some light cavalry, but gained the medium cavalry.  There were two low hills and two impassable lakes.

The big picture,

The Sassanid advance as seen from the Roman side.

I think is telling.  While we were the "defender" our actions were those of the "attacker".  The terrain system had let the Romans construct a battlefield that protected the'r infantry's flanks.  They also had the benefit of deploying after us.

The Romans have worked around my flank and I have moved my cavalry to face them.
Meanwhile long range bow fire has commenced with the Sassanids getting the worse of it.

The situation as seen from the Sassanid right.

Bird's eye view.

The main body of Sassanid cavalry charges.

Surprisingly little damage is done.
The cavalry initially decide to stick to the Romans.

But just when the cavalry decide to withdraw after further inconclusive fighting,
the elephants get in.

They had limited success.

At this point it all started to collapse for the Sassanids and their chronicler decided to quit the field. The CinC, who I should have said was a genius, had already fled by this stage.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Saved from ACW Lead Mountain

When I did my recent ACW stocktake I found 15 figures half finished.  They are now finished.

That's a Minfigs man acting as a breakthrough marker, two Old Glory generals and two leftover Essex cavalrymen.

Another Minfig man acting as a breakthrough marker, pointing his pistol directly at the screen.
Three Old Glory generals looking about.

These and the following are from Simon.
They have been repurposed as either generals or markers.

As markers they are perhaps too subtly denoted by the different shade of flowers.
I was thinking of using them for a pregame Scharnhorst type map set up.
But one thing at a time.
I'm just happy they are all done.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

2Q 6x6

Time for second quarter update.


Done (including Basic Impetus 2 games)


Three games so far...

Napoleon's Battles 

Two games with more on the way.


Two games.

Wings of Glory 

Completed (over achiever).

Songs of Drums and Shakos 

Done as well.

Best of all my report tallies with Kaptain Kobold's.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Rules or the Models?

This is a variation on the question: "are you a gamer or a collector?"  It is also a bit of a chicken and egg question.

Another variant is wargame models or museum quality miniatures.

This all arose from an exchange of correspondence prior to receiving my Sails of Glory starter set.

Thickness of bases - thin for better table ascetics, or thick for ease of handling?

What I can say about the Sails of Glory miniatures is that they make excellent (as in hard wearing or playing) wargaming models. For the game you can use other miniatures and you can definitely use the Sails of  Glory models for other rules (maybe just with a change of base or no base at all).  Same goes for the planes.

So in that sense Sails of Glory (and Wings) is a double plus good investment.

I started this post in April 2014 and have let if fester since then.

Wings of Glory for WW1 is fine and great fun for a club night.  Unfortunately for WW2 it just doesn't work for me (which is not to say that WoG WW1 is perfect - handling of altitude, collisions and passing shots for example).  The search for WW2 air rules continues and I'm keen to try out some of the hex based systems.

Sails of Glory on the other hand has been surpassed by Galleys and Galleons.  Much simpler but very much more playable.  It is still early days in using G&G for Napoleonic naval and I am working with the ANF in their long search for the perfect Napoleonic naval rules.

Other related developments in my favourite wargame periods also touch on this subject - the models or the rules.


Impetus has been a major success and has seen an expansion of my 15mm Tin Soldier collection which was already undergoing an expansion due to using Field of Glory.

Can do Saga in 28mm, but I prefer using the figures for Songs of Blades and Heroes.

Always ready to do a DBA game.

Galleys and Galleons has been great for Ancient Naval and I'm keen to see how things go with the Roman Seas paper boats.


Fire and Fury 15mm, nothing further to say.

That said, I wouldn't mind having some of those ACW ironclads...


Napoleon's Battles 15mm works for me.  Songs of Drums and Shakos I enjoy for skirmish and as for naval, still searching (definitely G&G and maybe It's Warm Work).


Crossfire and Blitzkrieg Commander and Megablitz and 1/72nd or 1/76th and 15mm and really I'm all over the shop.  I just like the models.


Songs of Blades and Heroes and HotT.  More the former as I can just get away with single figures that take my fancy.  I will probably take my Barsoom project forward with the Songs rules.


For me I think it is the models first, then the rules.  Napoleon's Battles maybe the exception, and Fire and Fury as well, but that might just reflect my age.

Great hobby!

It's Still Warm Work

After my truncated game of Space Hulk, I joined Darren in a game of It's Warm Work.

I'm the Spanish (the fleet in the foreground).
The wind is with me.

We turn to face the English.

First engagement is the English frigate which is forced to flee,
after suffering critical damage.

The Spanish round the English line.

Skilful sailing on my part
(or I'm actually now understanding the rules).

The fleets engage.

Victory to the Spanish.

One of the Spanish ships has been dismasted, but two of the English ships have struck, their frigate has flown to Brighty saying all is lost, and one of their ships sank after taking pummeling from the Spanish guns.

I'm starting to warm to these rules...